Hajj: an inner call to all (Part 1)

Hajj: an inner call to all (Part 1)

(This is part of the series Hajj: The Inner Journey updating daily on Sheikh’s Telegram Channel @haj1438)

And announce the Hajj to the people, they’ll come to you by foot and they will come (riding) on thin camels that come from every distant place. (Quran 22:27)

This holy verse has an exoteric meaning which is apparent. But on closer scrutiny to the esoteric meaning, hidden truths can be unveiled. The fact that Prophet Abraham was ordered to stand on a platform and physically proclaim the invitation is a reality and we do not sent it’s historical occurence. But what is this physical reality esoterically manifesting? What immaterial truth is this verse referring to? And is the latter truth still manifesting today or does it have an export data like the historical event? And if it’s still in action, what is it?

Let’s take a closer look at the verse paraphrasing it on a par with its esoteric and literal meaning.

“And announce” (22:27)

Esoterically this is an ontic and providential call. It’s a part of our nature and soul i.e. the call is an inner call within the soul, a driving force within all people. Hence the verse continues:

“And announce……inside the people” (22:27)

The preposition ‘inside’ highlights the inner nature of the call. It’s part of our inner nature. We are all being called moment to moment towards something – be you Muslim or non-Muslim. Towards what? The verse reads:

“And announce the intention (of attaining to God) inside the people (to their innate nature)…” (22:27)

The literal definition of hajj is that of intention. The context here is that of intending God and such an intention is being invited within. Whoever you are, we are all moving towards He who is all-perfect. This is a metaphysical journey to the source of all existence. This journey has it’s own physical rituals to link us to the immaterial – the hajj of the shariah.

Then the verse delicately speaks of two types of spiritual travellers.