Why the abundance of exoteric, zahiri rituals in Hajj? [Part 3]

Why the abundance of exoteric, zahiri rituals in Hajj? [Part 3]

(This is part of the series Hajj: The Inner Journey updating daily on Sheikh’s Telegram Channel @haj1438)

In Hajj, there is a plethora of ghaybi realities, embodied in physical rituals. Examples include:

Although the satans are physical realities (albeit not visible to the naked eye), their war zone (temptations) against man deals with the immaterial ghaybi realm of the mind. In Hajj, the satan is embodied in a series of stone pillars and man’s immaterial struggle against satan is embodied by the physical throwing of stones against the pillars.

The immaterial mortification and slaughtering of the animal self is embodied by the slaughtering of cattle on the 10th day.

Other immaterial ghaybi realities include:

Disassocaiting from worldly attachments and affinities.

Rejection of all worldly realms.

Annihilation in the essence of Allah.

Entering the realm of ecstasy and bewilderment

Experiencing Resurrection

Observing divine unity.

All these are examples of immaterial realities and goals that man can attain to and are embodied in the physical form in the shape of rites and rituals.
These rituals are to be elaborated upon as we progress through the journey.