Why the abundance of exoteric, zahiri rituals in Hajj? [Part 2]

Why the abundance of exoteric, zahiri rituals in Hajj? [Part 2]

(This is part of the series Hajj: The Inner Journey updating daily on Sheikh’s Telegram Channel @haj1438)

Belief in the physical occultation of the Mahdi is important but only a minimum. How does the fact that a human being is in physical occultation help ones spirituality?

One of Allah’s names is the Hidden [al-ghaa’ib]. Naturally the latter is not physical in any way. The Mahdi’s occultation which is of more significance is his immaterial occultation, him being a manifestation of Allah’s al-ghaa’ib-ness.

So the appearance of the Mahdi which is of spiritual importance to all is when we see (not with the physical eye) a vision or apparition of the Mahdi. This is essential. Otherwise, if a crook or liar was to see the physical Mahdi today, he/she will still remain a crook or liar. Seeing the immaterial Mahdi (either whilst asleep or awake) is of benefit and of use. But it is difficult and needs the accomplishment of a set of Quranic prescriptions. So let’s not flatter ourselves and say we are in ghaybat . No, not at all! We are intoxicated in the physical so much that linking and transcending to experience immaterial realities such as the Mahdi needs merit.

In any case, with Hajj, there is an abundance of ghaybi realities for us to attain to, including His Eminence the Mahdi. But all these realities are difficult and burdensome to attain to; however, these realities have been embodied into physical realities for the Pilgrim and from the physical zahir, the aim is to attain to the baatin..