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Sheikh Farroh Sekaleshfar is a medical doctor who has been studying at the Islamic seminary in Qum, Iran for over the past decade. His studies specialize in Islamic ethics and spirituality. He lectures all around the world on topics relating to Islamic spirituality and inspires people to become closer to God through following the true teachings of Islam.



To promote the true exoteric and esoteric aspects of Islam as taught by the Prophet Mohammad (saw) and the Ahlulbayt (as)



The purpose of this life is to remove the veils covering our hearts so that we may be able to see God in this life and the next. .



Sheikh Farrokh travels all around the world giving lectures and seminars to awaken people to go beyond the superficial realm of religion and to truly practice and see the realities of their faith.

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Our living in this worldly life, if we’re drowned in this worldly life – is all a game. It’s all imagination. When would we realize this? If we taste the batin of the hereafter, the batin of the worldly life – if we transcend, everyone to different degrees – that’s true life. Otherwise we are blind. The Qur’an says : “Deaf dumb, and blind; they dont exercise their reason” (2:171) Yaqiloon doesn’t mean just thinking rationally – two and two is four. This aql isn’t rationality. It’s a dimension of the batin of this dunya. The realm of the intellect. When you are deaf, dumb, and blind spiritually – yes you don’t transcend to that realm. When you are deaf, dumb and blind, yes you do not return to that realm. It’s all imagination. It’s all a game what we are doing. In this game you say “my spouse”, “my child”, “my certificate”, “i did this”, “i acquired this” – All this is a game. It’s all imagination.

You don’t own anything, in real terms.

You’re so drowned in this worldly life and you believe it. “People are sleeping, when they die they awaken”. When they die they become aware. Aware of what? All those 70-80 years they were sleeping, it was all imagination, it was all a game.




Eid Message 2016

Salaamun alaykum dear brothers and sisters! I would like to offer my sincere congratulations and...

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  • Waiting for the faraj (relief) of Imam of our time is the best of actions. Allama Qazi says to attain to this reality is when whether the Imam is in occultation or present, it won't make a difference to you - you are doing the striving. That is the most difficult of actions and that requires a lot of sincerity to act by one's duty

    Waiting for the Imam
  • You sin, you are veiling the fitrah. You veil the fitrah and you will not be able to see Allah. You refine the fitrah and return to the original state, then you will be aware of the presence - and that is our aim here in this world to return to that fitrah.

    Why is Allah veiled



Eid Message 2016
Political, Statement

Eid Message 2016

Salaamun alaykum dear brothers and sisters! I would like to offer my sincere congratulations and felicitations on the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Fitr. This year the holy month had manifested in a divine manner –...

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