Eid Message 2016

Eid Message 2016

Salaamun alaykum dear brothers and sisters!

I would like to offer my sincere congratulations and felicitations on the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Fitr. This year the holy month had manifested in a divine manner – albeit with a superficially different facade – to which I am most grateful to our Lord. I thought it was necessary to mention a few words out of respect to you all.

Hundreds of people – Muslim and non-Muslim – have emailed me during the last month. To those who prayed for this unworthy servant – irrespective of whether you had emailed me or not – i would like to express my utmost gratitude. Allow me to humbly inform you all that your prayers had been accepted and had assisted me a great deal during those days that i was merely executing my duty and that which lies at the heart of missionary work i.e. spreading the word of Allah.

Furthermore, never had i received so much hate mail. Allow me to very openly and candidly state to those who had sent me such mail, that i do not bear feelings of hate towards any of you. You have all been subject to misinformation and false accusations. Hence, i do understand the attitudes disclosed in those correspondences. God-willing the truth will become manifest to you over time and be rest assured that i shall but pray for you and request the same from you.

To those who have assisted and guided me in how to deal with the media ever since this started in April 2016 and who have spent hours of their time advising me – without my ever asking or requesting anything – i have to say such noble behaviour has made me feel very guilty for i never deserved such ethics. In the same vein, i would like to express my warm appreciation to those who are constantly up-to-dating me with news of this affair – again without my having requested them – and those who have supported me in writing and other means in social media. May Allah grant you divine success in all your endeavours.

I would urge you all not to allow this issue to ever compromise the unity of your communities. Many people have become disheartened with the way i had been treated and had felt that i was abandoned. Whilst appreciating your concerns, this was never the case; i advise them not to attack or criticise any institution, congress, group or center. Sometimes ‘silence’ is the better course of action and sometimes it is not. Many faults may have inadvertently taken place. We can but learn and try to avoid and prevent them in the future. I may mention some of them over time with the sole intention that we all learn from these events and how to safeguard the best interests of Muslims and their future generations vis-a-vis pure Muhammadan Islam.

“Doctrinal immigration control” is a phenomenon that is gaining more and more weight in the West and other places in the world i.e. that one controls who can and cannot enter a country solely based on what they believe. This is far more dangerous than physical immigration control which is the right of any country if executed properly. At the heart of these recent events with the media was the fact that they did not like what i believe in and that was an article of faith from the Holy Messenger. Otherwise, neither did i preach hate or incite violence. Many Muslims may feel pressurized because of the heavy, iron fist of western media to compromise, be silent or even deny the doctrinal principles of Islam in the face of such attacks. Note there is a difference when one is facing such an attack and when one is not facing such attacks. In the latter, ‘silence’ is and can be justified, there being no need to disclose certain matters which you know may cause sensitivity. However, when your religion is being attacked, silence can lead to serious spiritual side-effects for the individual and for their offspring and future generations. Silence before x sin and its nature, according to the logic of the Quran, may entail your children and future descendants falling prey to that very x action, thus becoming spiritually contaminated – the blame of which will make one accountable to some partial degree. Given this reality, scholars – primarily – should be ready to sacrifice their lives at the forefront for the sake of Allah. Were scholars to fall short in this regard, communities will disintegrate and feel comfortable with an islam which is alien to the pure Muhammadan Islam.

After having the US and Australian visas revoked many people have asked me to continue lecturing albeit from abroad. Alhamdulillah many brothers and sisters are assisting me in this regard and if all things turn out well, i shall be giving lectures starting either during the Hajj period (around September) or the months of Muharram and Safar. Details shall be updated on the Facebook page (Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar) inshallah.

Peace be upon you all