Analysis and Introspection into the Names of Allah – Series 1

15 students

Video Course – All lessons consist of video lectures given by Sheikh Farrokh

This will be a 3-part series. If you would only like to purchase all 3 parts for a discounted price, you may do so here.

Course Description: Analysis and Introspection into the Names of Allah

Ibn Arabi, the renowned 12/13th century Andalusian Muslim scholar, is known for his distinguished
calibre of knowledge in many domains, especially that of mysticism (‘irfān). One of his less known,
but unique, works is entitled “Unveiling the Secret of the Most Beautiful Names”. In this concise text,
his Eminence goes through ninety-nine names of Allah with utmost depth, revealing the secrets
ingrained in Allah’s names. Shaykh al-Akbar (the greater mentor) divides the chapter of each Name
into three sections i.e. connection, realization and incorporation.

In the connection section, the author discusses the servant’s need and dependency in clinging upon
each Name; the realization aspect entails defining the meaning of each Name and finally the
incorporation part for each Name instructs the servant how to incorporate each Name. Hence, with
each Name, one observes both theoretical and practical dimensions.

In this course, the objective is to go through the main text as well as giving a commentary to it.
Although the main text has been translated into English (by Kazi Publications, readily accessible
online), nevertheless as a result of the many inconsistencies that exist in the text, the course will
provide a more refined translation as well as providing supplementary notes for purposes of

This course will be delivered via video presentations inshallah during the entirety of the whole course;
PowerPoint presentations of supplementary notes will also be given inshallah. Participants have the
opportunity to pose their questions after each lesson and their questions are hoped to be answered for
the succeeding week via audio files.

Commencement: early September, 2020.

Duration: The course comprises three separate series of lectures; each series lasts 10-15 hours.


$100 for each series ($200 for institutions and centres)

$250 for the complete three series ($500 for institutions and centres)