Testaments of Ibn ‘Arabi – Part 1 (Completed)

51 students

During the centuries, the mystics have shared their life-long theoretical and practical experiences in the form of testaments to the masses. This practice is on a par with the conduct of all Prophets throughout history.

One of the most well-known Muslim mystics has mentioned his testaments in his magnum opus “al-Futuhaat al-Makkiyyah” (Meccan Openings).
These testaments are enriched with a plethora of jurisprudential, ethical, mystic, doctrinal and socio-political prescriptions invaluable for the present day Muslim who is trying to create an identity for oneself.

In addition to providing the diacritical Arabic text, the translation and superficial meaning, the course aims at opening the inner layers and depths of Ibn ‘Arabi’s words.

The course is of use for those who have a strong passion and interest in matters of Islamic mysticism.