Research into the Meaning of the Words of the Quran

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Research into the Meaning of the Words of the Quran

Course Description
This invaluable course is a unique opportunity to gain a holistic and complete insight into the originally coined meanings of the Holy Quran. The words of the Quran are each coined (waḍ-‘al al-fāẓ) onto an abstract, essential, universal meaning – rather than merely a specific physical, sensible existent – and such ‘spirit-of-the-meaning’ (rūh al-ma’nā) denotations hold and comprise a vast array of specific applications (maṣādīq) which vary depending on the realm of existence alluded to by the context of the word.
The course is in fact a summary of the late Allamah Sayyed Hasan Mustafawi’s 14-volume magnum opus “al-Taḥqīq fī kalimāt-il Qur’ān-il Karīm” (Research into the words of the Holy Quran). All the words of the Quran will be covered in alphabetical order.
Such a course is of paramount importance for Quranic Arabic students/teachers in addition to those who are interested in becoming acquainted with how the mystics approach exegesis (tafsīr) of the Quran and how such an approach is crucial in gaining access to the esoteric dimensions (buṭūn) as well as appreciating the nature of the Quran’s inimitability.
The duration of this course may take up to 2 years with often more than one lecture per week. Questions may be emailed and inshallah will be answered the following week. For those who would like to gain more insight as to how the course will proceed, a specimen lecture can be sent to them.

Cost: $75 for every ten hours

Commencing Date: 29th March 2020