Invocations in Islam (Completed)

43 students

Invocations (athkār) and invoking Allah (thikr-ullāh) constitute an essential part to spiritual
wayfaring. There are many different tariqahs in this regard. Unfortunately, the common lay Muslim
has misunderstood the reality of such a practice and has more often than not, unknowingly abused the
ritual and consequently compromised oneself in the process, with often serious side-effects.
This course intends to offer a theoretical understanding of invocations to start off with, followed by
practical advices and instructions on how to deal and incorporate such prescriptions. Themes to be
covered include:

 Definition and classification of invocations
 Importance and mechanism of action of invocations
 Difference between supplications (du’ā) and invocations
 The necessity of having a mentor and working under their auspices?
 Public/open/general invocations versus private/closed/specific invocations
 Universal prerequisites/conditions during the process of invoking
 The relevance of 40-day retreats and mantras
 Vegan diets?
 Practically going through beginners-stage invocations
 Studying Quranic and hadith-based invocations

This is a predominantly hands-on practical course guiding the beginner to a safe journey in one’s
spiritual journey, wherever they are residing, thus preventing them from falling astray inshallah.