Death to Burial – Part 1 (Completed)

4 students

This course was conducted by Ilm E-courses and was completed previously so questions regarding the content is restricted.  We are making it available for students to go through now in preparation for Part 2. Part 2 of this course will be starting in January 2019 and conducted by Ilm E-Courses, you may register by emailing

This course covers all the relevant rulings the common lay Muslim requires to know in relation to matters
of the deceased, from the last moments preceding death, death itself, ceremonial washing, enshrouding,
embalming, funeral procession, prayer for the dead and a vast array of other particular matters.
The course is primarily based on Shiah-Islam jurisprudence. Thorough power-point slides are provided
facilitating one’s grasping of the concepts mentioned. All prayers and duas which are required and
relevant have been translated as well as transliterated.

In addition to explaining some of the esoteric dimensions of the rulings throughout the lectures, the last
chapter touches upon medically-related issues such as brain death, euthanasia, abortion and the like. A
whole list of people’s questions are answered.

The course comprises 10 lectures (a must for scholar-less communities)