Adab as-Salat – Part 2 (Completed)

9 students

This course was conducted by Ilm E-courses and was completed previously so questions regarding the content is restricted.  This is the second part of the course covering Imam Khomeini’s book Adab Salat. You may register for Part 1 here if you have not yet gone through that course

This mystic manual discloses Imam Khomeini’s tariqah which is confined to salaat (canonical prayer). It is
arguably one of the most structured, refined and illuminating texts in this regard. He originally wrote
“Mystery of Prayer” (available in good English) but due to the difficult nature of that treatise as well as
being requested by the masses to elucidate and simplify it, he wrote “Etiquettes of Prayer”.

This course covers the book’s first discourse (which entails 13 chapters) and the start of discourse no.2.
Here, Imam Khomeini starts by outlining and describing the universal and essential etiquettes as well as
the mind-set and domain of intention one needs to arrive at and incorporate before embarking on one’s
spiritual salaat. The last three chapters of the first discourse in particular are of utmost importance where
he meticulously describes a concrete protocol on how to succeed in actualising the heart’s presence
during one’s salaat. Such intricate step-like instructions are seldom witnessed in the works of
contemporary scholars.

The course comprises of fifteen lectures. Easy-to-read power-point slides of the lectures are provided.